Energy Healing Posts

18 April 2013

AURA ENERGY – You are more than you can see

Included in our body is an aura energy field, and when photographed its image is a beautiful field full of a variety of colours...
12 June 2012

Sound Therapy For Energy Balancing

It’s not something we think about much, but the fact is we all, everything on this planet and in the universe that is made of physical matter, is vibrating.  It is a low subtle vibration we are so used to from the time we are born, that we don’t notice it or perceive it in anything around us. 
28 March 2012

Upgrading Your Natural Resonance Frequency

How do you find peace within?  How do you move through life's events with a clear quiet head?
17 January 2012

How to Relieve Stress

Stress is the human body’s physical response to situations or events that are threatening or that cause one’s balance...
21 October 2011

BodhiBed Sound Massage Voted Amazing and Incredible all round !

Pymble Ladies College is an outstanding school - beautiful grounds, extensive facilities, boarders and day girls with over 2000 students from Kindergarten...
27 September 2010

TRANSFORM Ordinary Water Into MAGIC WATER Science Proven!

16 September 2010

Vibrational Massage Sound Therapy – Shining Bright Magazine

Read this published article by Julia Smith
16 May 2010

Military wages war on PTSD – BBC

They have around 1300 program utilising Holistic Therapies helping these soldiers recover from these emotional & mental traumas, thereby validating these gentle drug-free processes.