Aura Photography for Individuals Learn more Aura and Chakra Photography is an exciting activity
you can do to see your colourful energy field.
1 Violet magenta aura © 2019 Julia Smith Blue aura © 2019 Julia Smith
Aura Photography for Events Learn more Available for many different types of Corporate
or Group style events.
Rainbow aura face © 2020 Julia Smith Magenta Lavender aura © 2020 Julia Smith Rainbow aura © 2019 Julia Smith Royal Blue violet aura © 2020 Julia Smith Yellow green aura © 2020 Julia Smith
Aura Clearing, Healing & Upgrades Learn more Dissolves old stagnant energy and brings in incredible
high energy into your aura and body.
Julia Smith 2020 Royal Blue light

***   We are currently closed and will re-open on 27 September 2022.  Your emailed questions will be answered on us re-opening on 27/9.  If you would like to book in for individual aura photography or aura healings you can do this on the booking page at
For events please send your enquiry via email, which will be answered on re-opening.  Thank you!!   ***

All About Auras! Aura’s are interesting! Aura’s are fun!

Are you interested to see the colours in your aura?

Are you planning an event and looking for a fun activity for your guests that is interesting and different?

Are you wanting to improve the condition of your aura to raise your vibration and more peace into your life?

This is the place to do all of these.

See your aura take care of your aura copyright 19Oct2020 Julia Smith



YOUR AURA! Find out the meaning of the colours in your aura – by Julia Smith.

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My services

Aura Photography for Individuals

This professional digital aura photography equipment captures your aura so you can see the colours in your aura and find out what they mean.

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Aura Photography for Events

Aura photography is a unique and exciting activity to include in functions.

Guests love it!

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Aura Cleansing, Healing Repairing and upgrading

Aura Cleansing, Healing, Repairing and Upgrading - my transformational energetic healing is a powerful appointment that dissolves old stagnant energy and brings in incredible high energy into your aura and body. It raises your aura’s vibration and all the cells in your body.

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