Aura Cleansing, Healing, Repairing and Upgrading

Come into Julia’s healing room for an amazing time of healing, clearing, repairing, upgrading of your energy field and physical body, having an experience and the benefit of the very strong Divine Energies that she channels.

The Christ Consciousness Golden Ray energy is the Gateway we all must pass through to enter the Higher Dimensional Realms of Light. As Mother Earth ascends, all beings upon her have the opportunity to ascend too, as we are held in her spiritual body (the atmosphere).

If you can feel you are to ascend, want to ascend, and in your spiritual practices to facilitate this, then you are ready to come and see Julia to receive all you need to accelerate raising your vibration, and speeding up your Soul’s expansion of ascension.

Appointments with Julia can cover (but not limited to):
  • Cleansing your energy field and the energy in your physical body, your mental, emotional, etheric layers and all the layers in your spiritual body.
  • Attuning you to your Higher Self, Soul, Soul’s Purpose, your Soul Star Higher Self and to the Light that you are.
  • Open, activate and infuse all your upper chakras, Earth Star Chakra, connect you to the Heart of Mother Earth and open your channel to The Light.
  • Connect you to your Star Family of Light, guides, angels, team of Light.
  • Working with Sound, Colour and Light – Sound Frequency Healing, Colour Spectrum Healing and Divine Light Channelled Energies.
  • Open yourself in ways you never imagined.

Julia’s healing room is a Crystal Temple of Light and filled with many magical high frequency tools to help you, and she works with these crystalline beings as part of your ascension spiritual expansion journey.

This is a journey raising your vibration to a much higher frequency and back into the Light.

45min Appointment

Transformational Energetic Healing health pre-appointment questions

There are a few health instances where I need know so I can review what type of musical sound frequency is best for you, or if it is best you do not book an appointment at the moment.

Are you:

  • Pregnant??
  • Have you had a stroke??
  • Have you had symptoms of a stroke?
  • Have you had or have blood clots??
  • Have you had or have Thrombosis??
  • Do you have a pacemaker??
  • Are you medicated for inflammation??

Please email me at if you have questions about the symptoms listed and if it is relevant to you.

Send me a message to schedule an appointment!

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Call me on 0404 619 148 to ask any questions, or contact me today.

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