Aura Cleansing, Healing Repairing and Upgrading

Duration: 45 minutes

These appointments are truly unique, relaxing, and dynamically transformational.

You will experience music, sound, colour, fragrances and energy shifting like never before!  It opens and activates your senses and sense of whole person; taking you to depths of experiencing yourself on new and more expanded levels.

This gentle and nurturing experience leaves you feeling like you’ve had a deep sleep yet is power-packed with an emptying of large quantities of old pain-creating energy and replaces it with high speed divine energy.  People love it!

Maximise your treatment:  Ensure you have time afterwards to sit outside in the sun and ground and absorb fully then new energies you have just received.

People who are looking to de-activate emotional triggers and sabotage patterns, tap into their creativity, connect with themselves more, improve their work performance and abundance, improve their relationships and bring in more love, joy and prosperity are the ones who are attracted to work with me!

Your session includes:

  • Light Therapy:  Bioptron Light Therapy is an amazing colour ray filter lamp that you will lay under and have the coloured light directed into your energy body and physical cells.  Julia will intuit and switch the colours as you are deeply resting.  The lamp is so simple, natural and powerfully penetrating literally melting away dense energy out of all of your body.
  • BodhiBed Sound Therapy Table:  Julia will then start the Table and play hand picked sound note, the vibration of which will take you to the realms of incredible deep relaxation as it massages every cell in your body and re-tune your body to that health inducing frequency.
  • Music Therapy:  Through the headphones you will listen to music that transports your mind to a state of calm, quiet and relaxation that you probably haven’t experienced in quite some time.  It raises your brainwave patterning and induces equal usage of the left and right side of the brain – ideal for positive supportive thinking.  This quiet gives your mind a holiday from its incessant critical thoughts and loop thinking.  This music is specially written to trigger insights, knowing’s and messages that give you clear thinking.
  • Swords of Light:  These beautiful rods are an amazing tool for opening your chakras, to releasing pent up old pain-creating energy.  Julia is an expert is operating these ‘swords’ and with her sight she has the ability to open right up multiple chakras simultaneously for maximum energy release.  The appointment will predominantly have usage of these amazing swords and limited hands on healing.
  • Colour Ray Therapy and Plant Medicine Alchemical Essential Oils:  Additional colour therapy will be applied with a range of colour and energy sprays plus powerful medicinal essential oils.
  • Hands on Healing:  To finish off your treatment Julia will gently place her hands on your body, and become a conduit for high frequency divine energy to flow into you.  Typically Julia will place her hands on your feet to ground you and balance your energy field as a conclusion to your appointment.

45min Appointment


Transformational Energetic Healing health pre-appointment questions

There are a few health instances where I need know so I can review what type of musical sound frequency is best for you, or if it is best you do not book an appointment at the moment.

Are you:

  • Pregnant??
  • Have you had a stroke??
  • Have you had symptoms of a stroke?
  • Have you had or have blood clots??
  • Have you had or have Thrombosis??
  • Do you have a pacemaker??
  • Are you medicated for inflammation??

Please email me at if you have questions about the symptoms listed and if it is relevant to you.


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