Aura Photography for Individuals

How does your aura photography work?

My aura photography equipment is digital (not camera).  The hand-plate is designed to scan your electro-magnetic field, collect the data, transfer the data into the computer program, which then converts that data into a photo.

What will happen in my aura photography appointment?

We will take 2 aura photos in the appointment and you will receive 2 aura photos printed as a 6×4 glossy photo to take home with you.  You will be able to ask questions about your aura, the colours in your aura and what they mean.  I have 10 years experience photographing and interpreting aura photo and you have time to ask your questions and tap into my knowledge.

Why do people come to have their aura photographed?

People have different reasons for wanting to see the colours in their aura.  Many people come, all from different backgrounds, cultures, age etc.

Some reasons are:

  • people have just found out about we have an aura and so want to see if it is true
  • others are meditating and want to see the effect
  • people want to see if their aura is clean and want to learn how to keep their aura clean and healthy
  • they have been to a Mind, Body, Spirit expo and want to know more about their aura