Sound Healing Posts

10 October 2017

How can Transformational Energetic Healing help you create a better life?

So many people are becoming more and more aware that the current level of their energy’s vibration has a direct influence on creating what is happening in their lives!
26 September 2017

Sound and Music Energy

Communication is a sound.  We are what we think.  We vibrate our tone of intent through what we say and how we say it.  Speaking the Language of Love is a powerful transformer to a higher vibration.
19 September 2017

The Profound Effect of Music and Musical Notes on our Emotional State of Being

The gorgeous Kate Gyngell asks some very insightful questions in this interview with me; all about how musical sound notes and specific types of music...
13 September 2017

The Solfeggio Tonal Frequencies

The Solfeggio tones make up a scale of pure tonal notes. They began as the ancient musical tones Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La and were used by various spiritual and religious centres, including the early...
13 September 2017

5 Ways the Body Receives Sound

We Don't Just Hear Sound, We Feel It ! When we think of sound, we think of hearing something: a person talking, the wind blowing, an orchestra playing a symphony.
12 June 2012

Sound Therapy For Energy Balancing

It’s not something we think about much, but the fact is we all, everything on this planet and in the universe that is made of physical matter, is vibrating.  It is a low subtle vibration we are so used to from the time we are born, that we don’t notice it or perceive it in anything around us. 
21 October 2011

BodhiBed Sound Massage Voted Amazing and Incredible all round !

Pymble Ladies College is an outstanding school - beautiful grounds, extensive facilities, boarders and day girls with over 2000 students from Kindergarten...