Color Healing Posts

10 October 2017

How can Transformational Energetic Healing help you create a better life?

So many people are becoming more and more aware that the current level of their energy’s vibration has a direct influence on creating what is happening in their lives!
26 September 2017

Colour Rays are Energy

Colour Rays as airborne energy waves are a powerful and penetrating way to raise your vibration.  Receiving pure crisp Colour Rays are our body’s fuel; it’s chi energy of vitality and connecting to positive life experiences.
13 September 2017

Train Your Brain – Equal Whole Mind Usage

The sound frequencies contained within incredible relaxing music not only takes your mind to the alpha state of relaxation for you...
22 April 2013

Human Emotions Vibration Analysis Frequency Ranges

Every person on this planet is vibrating at a very subtle hertz frequency rate or their personal vibration analysis.  We have a base metabolic rate when at rest...
18 April 2013

AURA ENERGY – You are more than you can see

Included in our body is an aura energy field, and when photographed its image is a beautiful field full of a variety of colours...
21 October 2011

BodhiBed Sound Massage Voted Amazing and Incredible all round !

Pymble Ladies College is an outstanding school - beautiful grounds, extensive facilities, boarders and day girls with over 2000 students from Kindergarten...