AURA ENERGY – You are more than you can see

Aura Energy Photos for before and after Sound, Colour and Pure Energetic replenishing sessions, infused with high vibration oils and essences.  Delicious, informative, deeply relaxing and revitalising.

Aura Energy

Aura Energy Photo

Though most of us can’t see our aura energy  field with our eyes, it is there;  just like the air we breathe – it is invisible yet present.

Included in our body is an aura energy field, and when photographed its image is a beautiful field full of a variety of colours, which are created by the vibrational level of our  emotional, mental and physical state of health.  The possible colours present in our energy field are the same as those of the rainbow; so we are a part of the energy present in our external world.

Image:   Natural Aura Energy Field Showing Chakras out of balance.