BodhiBed Sound Massage Voted Amazing and Incredible all round !

Mind Body Spirit day at Pymble Ladies College !

Pymble Ladies College is an outstanding school – beautiful grounds, extensive facilities, boarders and day girls with over 2000 students from Kindergarten to Year 12.  Recently ranked as one of the top five schools in the world, it was a great priviledge to be invited to offer the Year 11 girls a chance to experience the levels of relaxation and clarity of mind on the BodhiBed Sound Massage system at the school’s Mind Body Spirit day in September ’11.

Here are some of the comments from the girls:

“Absolutely amazing ! Incredible how the music and vibrations affect you 🙂 ”     Pippa, 17
“I loved how the vibrations massaged my body”     Pheobe, 17
“Very relaxing and totally amazing !! The vibrations and music were soothing and the smells of the oils completely relaxing!  Thank you.”        Jessica, 16
“Great experience. Very relaxing. Loved it.”      Ashley, 17
“Never experienced anything like it! It was incredibly relaxing and enjoyed it very much.”        Sophie, 16
“So nice and relaxing. I was in another world.”        Lily, 16
“Amazing experience.”      Cynthia
“Provided alot of clarity, very relaxing.!”      Lauren, 17
“Beautifully relaxing. Loved it !”       Yvette, 16

The girls were so very mature and immediately understood how playing vibrational music through their body would instantly help them to relax and clear the mind.  “Such a great thing to do to help relieve stress from exams and assessment tasks” they all commented to me.  A great idea to incorporate time on the BodhiBed as a stress reduction strategy, to increase coping levels and clear thinking in challenging times!