Some of the products used in appointments are on offer to you to buy, so you can use the ones most beneficial to your energy right now and will greatly help in maintaining momentum in your energy shift.

One of the greatest forms of empowerment is taking on the journey of understanding your own energy and what products and services you feel intuitively drawn to use for a time. Deciding to back yourself by dedicating time and resources to fulfil your needs is once of the greatest acts of self love.

When you purchase any of these products from Julia, she will take the time to discuss with you and tune in that your choice is aligned for your highest good, and also explain how to use them for their greatest effect.

Julia has tried and tested these products herself and has found them effective. She can hand-pick a set of what would be best for you to have on hand; ready to help you move through different challenges as you grow, transform and connect to your Soul. Each challenge can be different, needing a different product’s vibration to break down the old energy.


Your Aura! Ebook

$9.99 downloadable


Sacred Self Oils

$65 each – 35ml

Oils of Julia Smith

Soul Colour Energy Sprays

$65 each – 50ml

Kali Ma Sacred Rosary Necklace

Kali Ma Sacred Rosary Necklace

Swarovski high energy circuitry necklace
Different colours available

YOUR AURA! Find out the meaning of the colours in your aura – by Julia Smith

Price: $9.99 downloadable .pdf file.

In these 16 pages you will find beautiful colour aura pictures and an explanation of what that colour means in your aura. Also there is information on how important colour as an energy ray is to you, and how working to keep it pure and clean in your body will connect you with your best life path and Soul Essence.

This is a great to have if you are coming in to have an Aura / Chakra Photography appointment with Julia or if you are just interested to know about aura’s.

After you receive your aura photos from the appointment you can read about the colours in your aura again and it’s a great memory triggers from the discussion you had with Julia about your aura.


Sacred Self Alchemical Oils

35ml:  $55

The range of Sacred Self Alchemical Oils are energetically very powerful and full of the love vibration, and only made from the highest medicinal therapeutic grade pure organic plant oils.

These oils fragrance is not only incredible aroma therapy but are a very physical energy and impact the cells in our body and deeply penetrate the limbic emotional centre of the brain, triggering a cellular level transformation throughout your body.

Here is a free Affirmations sheet for each of these powerful oils, to include empowering your mind with a positive mantra as you recalibrate your emotions, physical cells and energy.


Soul Colour Energy Sprays

50ml:  $55

The range of 14 Soul Colour Ray Energy Sprays are created by Colour Expert Narelle Green  They are created in an environment of sacred ceremony and infused with high energies coming in at the time.

There are the seven main chakra colours, and a balancing colour for each of them; so the 7 main chakra colours can be used in harmonising pairs.  The energy balancing pairs in the set are:

  • Red / Emerald
  • Orange / Blue
  • Yellow / Violet
  • Green / Pink
  • Indigo / Gold
  • Olive / Magenta
  • Peach / Aqua

Each time you spray a colour into your energy field you are infusing that colour ray into your energy.  The sprays carry a high vibration and so are very cleansing and bring in the highest aspect of that colour so it is like fuel for your body.


These sprays are fantastic in helping you move through challenging emotional releases from your energy field as quickly as possible, and shift you to that colour’s highest frequency in your energy field and then reflected in raising the quality of your life experiences.  Julia highly recommends using these sprays daily as part of your aura maintenance and upgrade program.

Here is a free information sheet giving a brief description of what each colour brings into your body.

Here is a free information sheet giving instructions on how to use these uplifting sprays.

Kali Ma Sacred Rosary Necklace


These beautiful Swarovksi crystal sacred necklaces are handmade by Narelle Green of Soul Colour.  Each necklace is lovingly made especially for you, with the intention of infusing the sacred geometry shaped crystal beads with love bringing the sacredness to its highest form.

The Kali Ma is based on the sacred number of 108 as is the Rosary, and the Kali Ma is a beautiful take of the Rosary.  Wearing the Kali Ma raises your vibration from the high vibration light in the beads, and brings and energy of protection around you.  Beautiful Light is in the necklace, enhancing the beauty of your vibration!  The photo doesn’t do it justice – these are truly beautiful to see!

Julia wears her’s daily and especially in appointments for increased illumination of her energy field and as another level of protection while doing intense energy clearing work on clients.  These are especially useful to wear while you are at work.

Here is a free information sheet on the Kali Ma.

Kali Ma Sacred Rosary Necklace bg550