Love is the way

I’ve been helping people for over 12 years to cleanse, heal, repair, upgrade and activate their aura energy field – helping them to raise their vibration and on their journey to their highest potential. I love this work and love seeing people shift out old baggage energy and feeling uplifted as the new energy comes in.

My own journey started in earnest with a potent epiphany over 10 years ago which connected me onto my path working with sound, colour rays, plant medicine, crystalline tools, sacred geometry and being a conduit of divine source energies.

Prior to that I worked in finance, in stockbroking, and then later in philanthropy which provided funds for scientific research into our world’s environment.

I was trained in my childhood in music, playing the piano for 12 years and learning music theory – a training that provided a foundation for the sound therapy aspect I work with still today.

In addition, I also work with the Earth’s energy and have travelled to many different places around the world to act as a conduit to bring from Heaven to Earth divine light source energy – assisting Mother Earth on her own journey of raising her vibration.

I love to work with people who are ready to help themselves – as we all raise our own vibration we are helping raise the vibration in this world’s collective consciousness.

My mission is to help people to be the best they can be.