I had a wonderful session with Julia today, the session commenced with the Aura photo & as always my aura was a lovely shade of orange, my sacral chakra & throat Chakra were very small in comparison to the other chakras.  Julia sat me in a chair & did some Chakra clearing on me & I could feel her lovely light energy tuning in & clearing my chakras.  After the chakra clearing I had an amazing sound balance, I was able to relax into a state of deep relaxation while this was occurring Julia worked on my energy field with her swords of light. For the last 15 years I have been suffering with chronic pain in my left leg & hip.  When Julia was working on this area, I had a flash back to a time long ago, we put this down to a past life & I could see myself on the battlefield with a sword being penetrated into my left hip.  Julia coached me to breathe throughout the session & when the session had finished I felt a great sense of relief.  I felt like a very powerful shift had taken place.  Another Aura photo was taken & this time my aura was orange & gold.  All of the chakras had enlarged & were all in perfect alignment.  I left the session feeling extremely lighter, calm, relaxed with a sense of deep peace.   
Kerri, This was a huge appointment with a major past life’s negative energy being released.  Brilliant work, opening more space within for higher vibration energy to take it’s place!  Julia