Powerful Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing

Powerful Pranic Healing

What is Pranic Healing?

This is a spiritual healing technique which uses the prana or life energy to heal the physical body. The modern form of Pranic healing was developed by Grandmaster Choa Kuk Sui, a scientist, teacher and chemical engineer from the Phillipines. In Pranic healing, imbalances and blockages in the prana or life force are cleared and corrected so as to promote wellness in the person. These imbalances and blockages can be caused by the presence of energy that is congested, depleted or diseased and which must be removed and replaced by fresh, new energy.

To understand how Pranic healing works, one first has to realise that the human body is composed of two parts: the physical body which is visible, and the bioplasmic body or energy body which is invisible. This energy body interpenetrates the physical body and surrounds it by a few inches.
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