It proved to be an exceptionally busy stall, with every timeslot snapped up from the expo’s opening and still treating people on closing and packing up.  It seems that many average suburban people are embracing the concept that because everything is energy then we humans must be energy too.  It was quickly acknowledged that it is very easy for sound and colour as vibrational energy waves to pass into our body, and so working with sound and colour as a natural energy balancer was also embraced.   Additionally, they were keen to see their beautifully colourful human energy field that exists around our body shown in the AuraEnergy Photos also provided to each person in their half hour session.

Julia Smith original test 10Apr13.pdf - Adobe ReaderInner Tranquillity and Peace’s stall offered an AuraEnergy Photo on arrival, and another at the end after working with Sound Massage, Colour Therapy and Chi energy body work so each person could see the effects working with sound, colour and chi energetic body work balances your energy, opens and balances the chakra energy points on the body and changes the colours in your energy fieldEach person experienced an increased awareness of their own energy field via these photos and also received the most relaxing massage they had as yet experienced – as the musical sound energy waves were gently absorbed, their whole body began vibrating to the music giving a deep massage in every cell in their body.  Image:  Your whole self

Comments made by people were “Powerful, amazing, transformative”;   “Really beautiful treatment. Amazing”   and  “Amazing !  I still have tingles”.

The next Embrace Life Live Life next expo is set for 7 July in Crows Nest, Sydney, and Inner Tranquillity & Peace will be there offering this unique experience to its visitors.

By regularly working with pure sound tones, colour essences and unblocking your body’s meridian lines so chi energy flows optimally into and around your body, you increase your physical health, vitality and energy levels, positive mental and emotional health, improve your interactions with others as you deal with events more calmly and reduce stress levels.

Sounds good ?  For more info visit www.innertranquillity.com.au or contact Julia Smith of Inner Tranquillity & Peace by email at info@innertranquillity.com.au.

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