BodhiBed Sound & Vibrational Therapy

BodhiBed ® – What is it ??

The BodhiBed is a brand new technology in Australia. Developed by leading experts in Music Therapy, it is a hands-off massage therapy that has a deep physical, emotional and busy mind stress release effect from every cell in your body.  It is a powerful stress reduction tool, fantastic for managing the high stress environment we live in today.

The BodhiBed harnesses the fact that all matter vibrates each at its own vibrational Hertz rate – including the human body.  Scientists have determined the vibrational hertz rate of the human body and have developed vibrational sound frequencies at the same Hertz rate of our body.

Sound is created by vibrations. Sound then travels through particles as a vibrational sound wave which is received through our ear as particular sounds.  The BodhiBed is unique in that it converts auditory sound into kinetic vibrational sound waves that are directly absorbed into the body gently balancing your energy.

The human body is the perfect conduit of vibrational sound waves, as water and bone are both execellent distributors of sound. By creating music that vibrates at the same rate as your body, you can feel the sound waves vibrate through you, retuning your body to its natural harmonic rate. This is the Power of Sound through the BodhiBed.

By lying on the BodhiBed, you will feel the music you hear. These vibrations massage from the spine outwards, through the nervous system, organs, tissue and muscles, gently releasing, long-term stored emotional stress & tension through the subtle shaking of every cell.  Perfect for deep relaxation, calm and clear mind, and body rejuvenation, and raising your personal emotional vibrational level and the sounds gently release those lower vibrational emotions.  Julia’s particular methods help you to connect with positive higher vibrational thought patterns to replace the released lower energies & thoughts, together with energetic body work that clears negative energy and re-energises your chi flow.

Sessions on the BodhiBed are highly beneficial for those seeking dramatic stress relief and relaxation, such as those:

  • Ideal for students doing the HSC and high stress exams.
  • Living with constantly high levels of stress from demanding work and schedules
  • Living with an ‘overwhelmed’ feeling – mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Experiencing anxiety and/or panic attacks
  • Experiencing mild, un-medicated depression
  • Easily irritated or angered
  • Recovering emotionally from a trauma
  • Experiencing and dealing with a life-threatening illness. (sessions are excellent support for stress relief and regaining energy levels faster in cancer patients)
  • Experiencing ongoing illnesses such as Parkinson’s Disease
  • To accelerate spiritual evolvement

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